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Fifty-Five & Older or Full-Time Student 10% Discount Day!

The second Tuesday of each month at the SSFC is "Fifty-five and Older or Full-Time Student Discount Day," where you receive a 10% discount on any item in the store. Come on in and take advantage of this wonderful discount!

All Members 5% Off Discount Day!

The first Wednesday of each month is "All Members 5% Off Discount Day," where you receive a 5% discount on any item in the store. Come on in and take advantage of this wonderful discount!

Special Savings for Volunteers

At the SSFC you have a great opportunity to receive discounts on your food purchases and join in a community endeavor by volunteering at our co-op. We have a variety of consistent jobs that need doing each week. These jobs are weighing and pricing food, stocking, cashiering, setting out produce, and cleaning.

For the hours you work each month you will be rewarded with a percentage off your entire food purchase for the following month. You do not have to adhere to a schedule but can volunteer when you can, for the hours that you can. The time slots for working and percentage you will receive as a discount on your food purchase are as follows:

2 hours worked per month = 5% off    
4 hrs worked per month = 6% off    
6 hrs worked per month = 8% off
8 hrs worked per month = 10% off    
10 hrs worked per month = 12% off
12 hrs worked per month = 14% off    
14 hrs worked per month = 16% off    
16 hrs worked per month = 20% off
20 hrs worked per month = 25% off

Every successful co-op relies on a solid volunteer system. Call and speak to one of our managers to schedule a time you can work and experience the benefits our program offers you!

Did You Know?

Members can special order THOUSANDS of different products that we do not keep on the shelves. Click on the links below to see a list of manufacturers or products that are available through our distributor. Stop in and we can show you how the process works!

Manufacturer-Brand List          Product-Vendor List