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Mission Statement
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The South Suburban Food Co-op is a place to enjoy a community of like-minded individuals pursuing healthy foods for themselves and their families. Our co-op is based on cooperation – human beings working together in concert to better themselves and their community, without the profit motive.


If you’re looking for a place you can find local, organic, wheat-free, gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, and other health conscious merchandise, AND want to live a healthier, “greener” life, in a community of like-minded people, you’ve come to the right place!

Everyone is welcome to shop at the South Suburban Food Co-op. We are currently open six days a week although hours do vary (see Location Page). So come in and see what our store has to offer you!

What is the South Suburban Food Co-op?

The SSFC is a membership-owned food co-op that was formed in 1974 for the purpose of providing nutritious, high quality foods and products for the lowest possible prices for its members. Our co-op supports local farmers that practice organic and transitional food raising practices as a way to ensure the procurement of quality foods for building and maintaining optimal health for ourselves and our planet.

Why Become A Member?

People interested in joining the co-op receive many benefits.

#1 You become a co-owner of our store, which includes having voting privileges in the Board of Director Elections and special issues.

#2 You are able to volunteer and earn valuable discounts every month from 5-25% off all of your purchases throughout the next month.

#3 You can special order any item in bulk or any item not found in our store at a 10% discount.

#4 Members are entitled to participate in either 1-2 of our discount days each month. They are:

"All Members 5% Off Discount Day" the first Wednesday of each month.

"55 and Older or Full-Time Student 10% Off Discount Day", the second Tuesday of each month.

#5 Lastly members benefit by becoming part of an organization that is a force for good in the community bringing healthy foods to its people, encouraging community spirit, and supporting a healthy environment for all.

What Can I Purchase At The SSFC?

We have a little bit of everything at The SSFC. You can find most grocery store items at our store. These include: Eggs, fish, organic beef, chicken, bison, fresh produce, dairy products, breads, grains, flour, baking supplies, desserts, juices, teas, coffee, cereals, pastas, nuts, grains, seeds, canned goods, oils, sweeteners, snacks, paper goods, cleaners, body care products and pet supplies. We also carry specialty foods, which include vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, sugar, yeast, and wheat-free and more. If you don't find something you want, let us know and we will order for you!

What Our Members Say About The SSFC:

"I always learn something from my fellow shoppers - I like real food - and it's a fun and friendly place." - B.B.

"The warm feeling when I shop, a true sense of family for me. The managers are wonderful and - very helpful - they really care. This has actually become part of my social life. The atmosphere is unique. It's my store." - J.H.

“I really enjoy working with this wonderful group of people! I volunteer and earn an outstanding discount on all my food purchases. I Love saving the money and being part of a fun-spirited team!” - K.T.